Let me tell you a story…

From basic business information, through the brand strategy and all the way to the products and services you offer, it is necessary to send the right information to the right audience through the right media at the best time! All of this, of course, visually packed to provoke emotions and desired reactions.

The useful and relevant content about products and services must be the core of any marketing strategy, as it has to help your customers solve their problems (to find what they want or need, preferably right away!).

What is Content Marketing?

The keyword in all this is “useful” and “relevant” content to your users or customers, or to be more precise, your target audience.

The important thing is, that the message or information you send into the digital media space should be recognized by your users. If it’s not, you probably made a mistake in process of choosing the right communication channel. If the message gets through but doesn’t result in conversions, then you have made a mistake in targeting or you haven’t imagined the right “persona” which you were addressing to.

In any case, your goal shouldn’t be “collect them all”, because users are not Pokemon, your goal is to attract the right audience who wants and needs whatever it is you offer. First of all, you need a strategy that includes the following:


  • SEO optimized and responsive website with all the useful information: what you do, what you sell and why should someone choose you
  • PLAN and RHYTHM of blog post releases – meaningfully create and distribute content which is properly blended to avoid monotony and repetition. Also, according to the website traffic and audience behavior, it is essential, to choose the right time for publishing.
  • YouTube channel, through which you can upload video materials, because today’s Internet users increasingly scan, watch and listen, and less and less read a dense text. The video has become a more and more popular way of communicating with users.
  • BLOG – a popular and effective way to attract the audience and explain what you are actually doing through a series of informative texts. The function of a blog can be education, information, fun or inspiration for someone. Through the blog, you can easily express your attitudes, thinking and present scientific facts or statistic information.

 Why is Content marketing important for your business?

It’s important to tell the story to users… but not the story about “us”(you), where you boast with your achievements, certificates, acknowledgments, and millions of dollars you earn. It’s important to tell what is the best you can offer, that suits the user’s needs – the key to success in content marketing is storytelling.

First, we need to understand the four steps of the purchase cycle:

  1. Awareness. Everything starts with the consumer’s need for something, and yet they are not aware that there is a solution to their problem.
  2. Research. Once the consumer becomes aware that there is a solution, the market research starts. That search for detailed information we can compare with education. The buyer is trying to find out as much information as possible so that he could start with a comparison and making calculations depending on his needs and financial capabilities.
  3. Consideration. At this point, the user starts to compare different products from different suppliers to find a high-quality product for a reasonable price.
  4. Purchase. Finally, the consumer makes his decision and proceeds with purchase.

Each stage of the user’s state of mind requires a different approach (a different story and tone of conversation) that helps him move from phase to phase to the final result that would be the purchase (conversion). Be sure to plan and design content according to your brand strategy, business mission and vision, and organizational culture.

If content marketing seems too complicated for you, contact me and I will help you develop your web strategy and tell your story!