Why you need to be where your customers are – ONLINE?!

Social media plays a big role in the world of digital marketing. They allow companies to interact with users in a completely new and unimaginable way. You should be where your customers are – ONLINE!

Social media allows you to transfer ideas, messages, and various content in form of text, audio, video, or photos. What is more important, through social media you are creating a relationship with users. PR specialists don’t use them only for interaction with the audience, but as a powerful analytical tool with which they are more likely to get reaction and feedback to a company’s product or services.

Various analysis and statistical data collected over the years show that channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can be effective in promoting a company or a business, and have a significant share in the merits of growth and business development – if we use them properly. By this, I mean Community Management in the true meaning of the word, and not just a few posts, once in a while, through the month.

What is Community Management?

Community manager communicates with social media followers on behalf of a company or a brand.

He publishes and controls the content on the social media, takes part in customer support by collecting and providing feedback. In addition to having the task to animate existing users, he needs to attract new users by properly implementing the strategy. Certainly, this type of communication belongs to B2C segment (business to customer).

As the basis of every social media is different, so the audience engagement must be different too.  It takes lots of effort, knowledge, and creativity to design and publish quality content. Now, we are entering the segment of strategy for a social media appearance.

Who is responsible for developing a social media strategy?

Social Media Marketing Manager – leads B2B (business to business) communication with clients and develops a B2C communication strategy, which is then implemented by a community manager.

  • SMM – creates a communication strategy on all social media
  • creates content that will be published (announcements, giveaways, surveys …) following desires and guidelines of a client
  • creates campaigns on social media for specific products or services
  • manages the budget
  • keeps track, measures and analyzes the results of the announcement and communicates with the client
  • in accordance with the analysis, prepares corrective actions and changes of the content

Why is the price of community management so high?

Because of all the information mentioned above. It isn’t enough to just create a profile on social media and paste the same post on all profiles … every five days. A roof strategy is needed that includes individual plans for publishing and approaching users on each platform separately. Most social media give better results if we publish „tailor-made“ content two or three times a day, but there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled:

  • The plan – so the publications wouldn’t be repeated, in order to achieve the dynamics and diversity
  • Creative thinking and innovation – to distinguish the company from competition with informative and entertaining content
  • Knowledge of photo and video processing tools, and infographic creation
  • Familiarizing with the audience – to place the content which audience wants and whenever it wants
  • Analytical thinking – should be able to take advantage using behavioral analysis of the user and their feedback and accordingly adapting the content, campaign, and tone of communication. Also, some platforms should be terminated if they don’t give results, to prevent wasting resources in vain.

Every social network has its own rules and possibilities, and we should adapt to it if we want to achieve the best possible reach and ultimate result – the goal we have defined at the very beginning. 

I offer a community management service – adapting communication on social media to fulfill the individual needs of each client, helping to create a positive and recognizable image of your brand.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN…..I will do all of that for you! Create a profile,  and fill in the content, and if you want I can take over communication with your customers.Contact me for cooperation!