Hi, I’m Rahela!



I am one﹠only, unique. Not because it is genetically impossible, but because no one wants to be me.

I’m a digital junkie. Always online. Digital everything. Except when I’m asleep or when I’m in the woods where there is no signal or internet connection. Then I’m recharging my batteries. Just enjoying.



I am a mom – a successful one and my son Borna is the living proof of my success. (I can give some credit to his Dad Robi, as well).

I was brought up well and I am a kind person, in general. I still call my parents Mom and Dad, not ‘folks’. Since I learned what flexibility is, my fine manners sometimes disappear in anger. My every new year’s resolution is the same: I am going to stop swearing.

I make mistakes. Over the years, I realized that not all decisions I have made were good ones. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I acknowledge my mistakes – I learn from them, grow and develop personally because of them.

I believe in the saying:

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

-Dalai Lama XIV


I’m an Apple fan. I can’t afford it – but, whenever there is a chance to stretch the payment on 24 months I’m in.  iPhone, iWatch, iPad, MacBook Air, iMac … I have it all.

The thing is when it comes to billing – when the AMEX bill comes, I realize that maybe I can’t afford all of that. And just to make myself clear, I will even skip summer vacation just to buy myself the newest Apple treat. That’s how much of a freak I am.


I drive a Smart car. I’m the one that takes the whole parking space with half of a car….and God knows I could park anywhere else. Right? No, It’s not right. SMART is a CAR! I love my Smart always to be tidy and clean. However, it is not always the case, due to various circumstances. In those cases, I become nervous and then my flexibility regarding the good manners starts to kick in.


RahelaI’m a Pinscher and squirrel fan. My Pinscher dog called Lady is a real bitch (in the best possible way) with an attitude. And I really mean it in a nicest possible way. I adore that she has an attitude. Otherwise, she would be boring. And squirrels- squirrels are the best cartoon characters, aren’t they?

I always cook, somehow it’s always my turn – I sacrifice myself and cook every day. I’m kidding, I’m cooking so I could eat a decent meal. I like to cook.



I am a succulent and cactus lover. If I had to identify myself with a plant, it would be a cactus. Stable and durable in all circumstances, prickly and taunting if you go too far, but gooey on the inside. If you want me to blossom, treat me carefully and with care.


I always wear makeup. Always! Even when I’m home alone or heading to the beach. I never leave my apartment without wearing any makeup. Ever!


I am a TV show junkie, and I would much rather watch them than movies. SATC – Sex and the City- for fun and to relax. House of cards- for inspiration and not to relax. FU #mypresident


I function if I have my morning coffee. Exclusively. And I never go to sleep unless I’ve had my mint tea.

I am a sane person, believing only in what I see, feel or live through. I don’t believe in any theories and wild guesses. I don’t believe in coincidences, either.

I always say: Thank you Universe! for all the good stuff happening to me in life.





You can find everything else about me on LinkedIn.

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