Hi, I’m Rahela!

I run exclusively on caffeine and sarcasm sprinkled with good intentions. It’s nice to meet you!

I’m a digital junkie. Always online. Digital everything. Except when I’m asleep or when I’m in the woods where there is no signal or internet connection. Then I’m recharging my batteries. Just enjoying.

I make mistakes. Over the years, I realized that not all the decisions I have made were good ones. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I acknowledge my mistakes – I learn from them, grow and develop personally because of them.

I believe in the saying:

”Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.‟ -Dalai Lama XIV

My Pinscher dog called Lady is a real bitch with an attitude. And I really mean it in the nicest possible way. I adore that she has an attitude. Otherwise, she would be just one boring dog.

I’m an Apple product fan. I can’t afford it – but, whenever there is a chance to stretch the payment on 24 months I’m in.  iPhone, iWatch, iPad mini, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, iMac … I have it all. And just to make myself clear, I will even skip summer vacation just to buy myself the newest Apple treat. That’s how much of a freak I am.

I am a succulent and cactus lover. If I had to identify myself with a plant, it would be a cactus. Stable and durable in all circumstances, prickly and taunting if you go too far, but gooey on the inside. If you want me to blossom, treat me carefully and with care.

My makeup obsession started when I was 14. and it hasn’t stopped…  I always wear makeup. Always! Even when I’m home alone or heading to the beach. I never leave my apartment without wearing any makeup. Ever!

I am a sane person, believing only in what I see, feel or live through. I don’t believe in any theories and wild guesses. I don’t believe in coincidences, either. For all the good stuff happening to me in life I always say: Thank you Universe!

And all the business info about me – school / education / work / – you can find on my LinkedIn profile.

Meet Helena

This smile could brighten up the whole world, agree?

There’s so much to say about Helena, but I’ll try to make it short. Definitely not the morning person.  Big NO! But once she wakes up this girl is unstoppable. You can not imagine what she’s capable of fitting in just 24 hours. Sometimes I got the feeling her day lasts a bit longer than mine. Or she doesn’t go to sleep.

Anyways, Helena works from 8 am – 4 pm and after that hobby-time kicks in. Environmentally conscious, as she is, she produces her own preparatory cosmetics. To calm down she’s sewing all kinds of fashion stuff, mostly dresses. So, if you see her in a dress it’s probably one of her own designs. 

When it comes to animals – especially furry ones – she’s overprotective and that’s her soft spot. No wonder she helps in Indigo Association for Welfare and Animal Protection.

Helena knows more about cars than half of the men do, and she has this awesome opportunity to drive around in a fancy muscle car every now and then.

Hiking is a new black for Helena, and orienting running is something she does great. That’s why she’s so good at helping me jungle my way through this digital space. And her sense for details and digging up all the useful pieces of information we need to write stories and blog posts is amazing.

But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness or let her beautiful smile fool you…because in case of emergency this girl can roar!

Professional Bachelor of Occupational safety (bacc.ing.sec.);
Professional Specialist Engineer in Safety and Environment Protection (struc.spec.ing.sec.)

This is Nika

Beauty blogger & Student

Even though Nika is half my age, we met during a Digital marketing course. I was just starting my blog, and she already had her BeautyPepTalk, and I remember I was in awe. She was totally ahead and I am glad that she stayed by my side during my digital transformation because she is positive, she is a source of modern ideas and she brings colour to everything she does.

Nika loves everything connected to cosmetics, beauty and the fashion world. On her blog called BeautyPepTalk, she works with famous companies and brands from the cosmetics world, she tests products and writes reviews that are honest, from the heart.

DIY is her jam. Whatever she imagines- she makes it happen. Regardless of the limited free time, she has between classes, studying for exams, work, writing her blog- she always finds time to experiment with DIY hair masks, face masks, or nail care. Nika is a very creative person. When her urge to be creative meets her DIY-side, it can only result in beautiful Christmas decorations and similar decorative items.

The English language is her love. Nothing to add. Nothing to take away. That is simply how it is.

Not long ago, Nika became our GDPR – Data Protection Officer. She is here to adjust every website with the law. No messing around with Nika! Even though she is the youngest in our team, her maturity level and responsibility when it comes to work is a little bit alarming.

Otherwise, Nika is, according to her age, still a playful student who likes beer, going out, concerts and festivals. And that’s fine.

University of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb
English language and literature; Information and communication science