Organize your time, thoughts, and documents

Over the years I’ve tried various mobile and desktop applications for organizing time, tasks and documents.  Finally, I can recommend three applications which can help you bring order into chaos, keep the focus on the essential, while not forgetting the little (but yet meaningful) things, so you can do even more and bring your productivity to the maximum.

TRELLO – fancy digital board version

The Trello application is primarily designed for teams working together on a project so that everyone can access the project status and can easily share documents, messages, task status, and more. Of course, you can use it individually and for free, just by creating a user account. 

I have been testing it for a month now, and it’s not bad. Visually, it is ok, you can change the background color and make a stylish look with predefined images within the app, or you can use your own photos, but for that, you have to use the paid version, to become a premium user. For each project, you create a “panel” on which you add various messages, documents, checklists, and other material relevant to your project, and you can keep a record of the project status.

Trello can be used for private or business purposes, you can arrange panels by projects or events. There are a lot of options. The app has Android and iOS (mobile and desktop) version.

It’s not bad at all, but it’s not my first choice… You have to try TRELLO and decide for yourself.

EVERNOTE – your substitute brain

An application that helps you organize your life and classify the chaotic state as an organized and meaningful plan of action.

In Evernote, you can type whatever you want, no matter private or business, you can paste links, documents, photos and so on. You can put all your obligations on the checklist and, by finishing the task, you click on it and remove the task from the list… Can you feel that instant relief?

Evernote can be used individually, or you can share tasks and projects with your team members. Create a free account and use the app on your desktop or mobile phone – the choice is yours. The Evernote business version isn’t free – the price is EUR 12 per month per user.

ONE NOTE – digital notebook and my first choice 

Microsoft OneNote is a great application you can use individually or by connecting with a team of people. Create your account and start organizing your private and business time through the calendar. In OneNote, you can open a “notebook” for every serious project, and within these notebooks, you can have chapters, sub-chapters … all you can imagine you can realize!

In OneNote, you can “paste” links, various documents in Word, Excel, PDF, photos or scanned handwritten notes, or literally, write in the application itself. Long story short, you can add anything you think it’s valuable to your project. You can directly link web links to OneNote using the Web Clipper plugin for the browser you are using.

An excellent application for summing up all more or less important (perhaps-once-needed) data, documents, and photos related to the project you are working on. Everything you have on “TO-DO ” list can be easily systematized in one place and always available to you – on a computer, tablet, or cell phone because all data synchronizes itself when you log in. OneNote has been my favorite app since ancient times when in 2011 my former colleague Matko told me about it. By using this app in past years, I’ve noticed an enormous difference and the progress that has been made in developing the app.

OneNote works on all devices and platforms, even on Apple iWatch, and is completely free for individual users.

If you’ve ever used Evernote and want to switch to OneNote, it’s doable! You can sync all data and documents on all platforms – find out how!