Thank you, Mom﹠Dad for making me the way I am today – honest, proud, independent and do-it-yourself kind of person. Because of that, I became a fighter for what I believe in, and I don’t let others run my life.

Thank you, sis Estera for having such a funny name, so mine sounds a little bit better. And thank you for being older than me so I could always feel younger….

Thank you, Borna, my one ﹠ only son for being such a great kid. You are my biggest critic, and as you already know I’m not seeking for anyone’s approval but yours is always welcome.

Thank you, my dear Damir, for putting up with me, grumpy and bitchy as I am, most of the time. Trust me, no one wants to be in your place. I know that managing my personality, it’s much harder than dealing with your daughter, which unfortunately has special needs. Love you.

Thank you, Alen Magdić, my former employer for putting me in difficult business situations and giving me assignments with unreachable goals so I could learn and grow. You always believed in me – even when I didn’t believe in myself. You made me realize that I can achieve anything I set my mind ﹠ heart on.

Thank you, Karmen Tepuš, for being my bestie and always there for me. Even though you’ve seen me at worst somehow you still find the way to admire me. Thank you for listening – although we all know how hard that can be for you because at that time you are unable to speak! What can be worse than that?!?

Thank you, Suzana Mišić – my colleague, friend, business partner and recently my client – for supporting me through my transformation from corporate life to freelancing mode. I’m glad I gave you the second chance to make the first impression on me because you end up being an awesome person! (I’m sure you know what I mean).


And now some persons who recently walked into my life and made some impact…


Thank you Lucijan﹠Emanuel, Blagonic Brothers for putting me on the #wchr workshops list on such a short notice. If it wasn’t for you I would miss the opportunity to hear Nevena Tomović speak about The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling.

After that workshop, I have no need to surf the web so I could find inspiration for my next blog. Nevena taught me that I have inspiration in me, I just have to dig a little bit deeper and tell the story with my own words considering the public I’m addressing to. Thank you, Nevena, my „About me” page was inspired by your talk!

Thank you, Nela Dunato and Tomislav Kozačinski for making me realize that I have to stop hiding behind the Agency and step out as a Freelancer, which I am. You both inspired me to tell the world who I am and what I do and to go that extra mile if I want to achieve anything. And thnx to you now I know I’m only human and I’m not alone in this sh*t.

And for all the rest, thank you for reading my blog and following me on Social media. If you manage somehow to inspire me in any way or even change my perspective, I would be more than happy to add your name to this list!

And special thanks goes to…




All of you, who made me feel bad﹠unappreciated, who told me that I cant do it and rejected me in any way, you actually helped me to become a better version of myself and grew stronger.