Thinking about internet advertising? Not without previous optimization!

Advertising on the internet without the site optimization is not a formula for success! Being „the first on Google“ is the most wanted goal of almost every website owner, but for the agency which needs to provide this, that represents a huge bite. To do so, the agency must make a complex process called SEO (search engine optimization).

What is so complex in SEO process?

Website search engine optimization is a process of several different steps with the same goal – a better position on the first searching page, so-called  SERP (search engine result page), of course, among the organic search results. The ultimate goal of optimization should be conversions and business results.

SEO process in 2 steps:

On-site SEO – is about editing the content customized for the web, quality and easy navigation through the website, relevant and high-quality content, optimized by using adequate keywords and internal links, content structure (legibility), quality titles and taglines…

Off-site SEO – refers to processes outside the website and involves connecting our publication to other related websites through links, or external links from other websites that link to ours. Social media linked to our website and generating visitor’s arrivals or conversion of users also belong to the off-site SEO.

And where is a „keyword“ in that story?

A keyword is in the middle of interest, it is the central point of appearing and everything spins around it! When users enter keywords in search engine, Google serves them search results that are relevant and match the keywords based on the description user is looking for. Therefore, it is important to know the user’s habits and define the best matching keywords for your business. Using the right keywords will bring to your site exactly those visitors who are looking for the services and products that you are offering!

As the optimization process is complex and requires constant work, the best way for the start is to pay for ads in Google AdWords using the keywords you’ve strategically defined.

Advertising on the Internet  – it’s not all about the money…

Digital marketing uses a wide range of digital channels enabling you to reach your customers more easily for growth and business development.

There is no universal keyword or a tool that will lead you to success. If the content you offer is low quality and irrelevant to internet users, money won’t help either. Each company has its own story and specific target users. Let’s find your ideal digital strategy together and start the internet advertising journey!