What do you do?

Well, instinctively I would look through the spyglass just to check out what the hell that is?!? In the first moment, in my humble opinion, it’s ok just to stop and stare for a while. There is no freaking way I would let it in without questioning all the aspects and opportunities it has to offer.

Back in days when I was just a kid, I remember my parents and other adults were saying that freelancers are just some lazy people working for nobody, but them self. And that was because they were not just lazy, but also „hard to deal with” and not able to obey the Boss. Mostly they were criticised and considered odd.

In today’s world, things are changed, especially in big countries all over the globe. Freelancing is a lifestyle many young people are striving for. But, since Croatia is a small country (for a big vacation) – unfortunately, there are lots of people with closed minds. And I believe most of them still feel the same about Freelancers.

Sometimes you don’t need a plan, you just need balls!

First of all, you don’t just get up I’m the morning and suddenly it hits you: Hey, I’m going to be a Freelancer! That certainly is not the case.

There are several reasons why people decide to become Freelancers.

Scenario no.1

Working from 9-17 (or in the worst case till the fat lady sings) with lots of stress, crazy deadlines, goals impossible to reach, always on disposal even after working hours. Not to mention you are a Specialist, fully skilled, doing a great job but for someone else and that someone else is taking all the credit of your masterpiece work. And in most cases, I must add lousy paycheck. Well, that sucks big time. This is the greatest trigger for a self-aware and brave person to say: I quit! No more! I am done here!

Scenario no.2

You have a daily job which you hate but it brings money, and alongside you have this awesome hobby which makes you happy and would be great to turn it into a profitable business. But only if there was enough time in a day….And bit by bit, day by day you think about it, you dream about how great it would be to do the thing you love. And then one day you come to the breaking point of no return, you quit the job you hate and you turn your hobby into a successful business.

The best thing about being self-employed is that when you talk to yourself, you can call it a staff meeting!

Scenario no.3

You love your job, it’s all you ever dreamed of and you are so good at it! It’s like you are living your dream but in a reality, you are building someone else’s dreams. Oh, yeah, your boss’ dreams. Wake up and smell the roses, man! You quit your job and become your own boss.

Scenario no.4

Sad but true, you lost your job because the company went down. Surprise! And it’s not so easy to find the appropriate job these days, not to mention in a short period with the paycheck that covers all of your expenses and provide you with the lifestyle you are used to. So you search, time goes by and all the money is gone….financial Social assistance just doesn’t cover it, so you do what I did – go on your own! Become a freelancer!

I could be a morning person if morning happened around noon!

Scenario no.5

You are young, wild spirit, and you figured out very soon that corporate life just isn’t for you, because you watched your parents and people around you suffering and bitching about their job day after day…So you are brave enough to start on your own right after you finish College and you dream big. You believe you are entitled to a great stressless job, tons of money, you see yourself traveling around the world just doing what you love the most. And you think it will all be just glitter and bliss…well, it won’t.

But who am I to judge? Go out there and see for yourself.

I wish all the Freelancers tons of good luck and fun, and of course, some money just to cover the basics.